Fibonacci Sequence in My Life – Part 2


For the first time my work has a sequel. Not as great as Kingsman’s sequel. or Infinity War. But yeah a sequel. I mean…. there are some continuous things in my life I’ve been keeping tracks with.. consciously.

So, the next number is 24.

11, 15, 18, 21, 23, 24, …

Means 4, 3, 3, 2, 1, …

I hope I could always keep in tracks with these numbers and I can’t wait for what will happen in the next year.

It doesn’t have to be always on me, but something happens in my life at that time AND IT HAS AN IMPACT FOR MY LIFE can be counted to those sequence.


I know I haven’t write for so long so sorry for a long intro.

Anyway, shit happens. I moved from the current office when I was 23 to the new one.

More closer from home, means no more 4-hours-public transportation-everyday. I only used online apps like gojek/grab/uber these days. *this is not an endorsement*

Higher salary *of course*.

And new boyfriend. This part is quite serious because for the first time I brought a man into my house, met my parents. And vice versa. If one of you is my friends, you know that I avoid things like that before I know the other one is being serious. And honestly I still could not believe I’m entering that phase right now.

But that’s lyfe 4 ya. Like a lemon. Sometimes sweet enough you don’t even need the sugar on it.


A Vow to Myself.

Everybody is changing everyday.

I’m afraid I’m the only one who’s still clinging to the old times.

The only one who doesn’t want to change.

Or to face changes.


Socializing has becoming harder these days when you expect people you know would be the same.

After all different situations with different level of tolerance we’ve been through.

Each situation made changes on people.

Even when I wrote this I genuinely ask myself whether I changed or not?

Or I could not realize the changes at myself?

Or I don’t want to realize?

Because comfort zones does comforting, doesn’t it?


I often say to myself and to colleagues.. I won’t be stressing much about work.

And that is true.

Because all my tangled thoughts are only about relations.

And I don’t know any other way out but one.

I need to travel.


At first be a volunteer does make sense as one simple solution.

But it takes much responsibility that I did not give to my family yet.

Let alone other people.

Who am I to talk about not giving up to hard times..

When I often gave up things I want just because there is this invisible wall I can’t come up with.


So let’s travel.

This is a promise I vowed to make myself happy.

Let it be once in a year.

It could be different places each year or same.

With friends or alone.

Doesn’t matter.

Since I’ll just follow where my heart wants to.

Afterall it is heart which has been keeping up with all my hardships about.



To my happily ever after.

Fibonacci Sequence in My Life

Well you guys must be pretty wonder. Where is the connection between Fibonacci sequence with life? Is it at junior high school when all of us learned it? No, here’s the connection.

11, 15, 18, 21, 23, …

Which makes its Fibonacci numbers 4 – 3 – 3 – 2 …

And if any of you likes mystery cases, I bet a guess already crossed your mind. Behold for the answers.

All those numbers represents AGE. My age. When there’s a big things happened in my life. *intermezzo – So? Did you guess correctly?*


11. When I was 11 years old, I was just entering junior high school. I was such a introvert back then at elementary. Sooo much introvert I thought I gonna die no friends at all. That’s when I decided why did I wait to be approached? Why don’t I make the first step to searching for a friend? Because of those thoughts, I decide to brought myself out of my comfort zone. I said hello first to people I know. I smile often. I throw some jokes first. And hell yeah those small steps brought me to my two dearest friends, F & B (not food & beverages, but i do like food & beverages too tho). The very first bestfriends I’ve ever had.

15. First serious love for a boy. Damn I thought I was gonna married him because we talked about marriage so many times. I really thought I’d only fall in love once then get married. And so much drama in there I thought I get many relationship-lessons from that time.

18. Okay, my love from 15y.o. is gone but I got so many friends from my university, which is nice. And when I say so many, it is A LOT. Just from the oil-2011 line, I got more than 300 friends. And don’t forget to count every friends I met from organization I joined in. even if I get a chance to go back in time, I would join that organization once again.

21. Adult life. A REAL-shit adult life. I have to get my ass up to work e v e  r  y  d  a  y  . For so little money. You can say I’m not grateful or smt.. I won’t judge your judges anyway. I know I myself need more and more money. Who to blame? This commercial  world required big sum money to live in after all to spoil myself. And for the first time I miss school’s holiday. TWICE. Every single year. *Somehow the age represents the meaning so well. if you know what i mean 😉

23. I’m not saying I haven’t know makeup tools yet. Only my newest office and my newest job required me to wear some makeup everyday. Yup. Everydeeeeeey. And that makes a habit of myself. Now I think I prefer not to go out than go out wearing no makeup at all. At least some eyebrows pencil, eyeshadows, and lipstick would do.. but yeah, the point of this age is I am addicted to my looks with makeup on. It feels more glowing than others. For you who hasn’t touch a makeup yet, should have it try once smt. Oh, there’s one more. I have an ex at this age. And that is all I would tell you about my ex.

You see, all those ages has one or two changes in my life. And oh boy what a Fibonacci sequence I have. I’ve still got no idea if the next Fibonacci number is 1 or 2. But I get to decide it, right? Which is nice. I could not wait whether 24 or 25, for my next-life-changing moment happened. And i told you just this once, find your fibonacci sequence and always remember that. Those changes makes who you are today, right this time. And those who doesn’t had any, go out. Try makes your fibonacci sequence right now.



“Tertawalah, seisi dunia akan tertawa bersamamu; jangan bersedih karena kau hanya akan bersedih sendirian.” -Andrea Hirata.

Oke kalian boleh manggil gue super lebay. Emang nggak sampe skala satu planet sih. Tapi quotes satu ini udah terbukti dari jaman gue masih pake putih merah.

Enggak, bukan bendera NKRI. Baju SD maksud gua.

Iyah, tertawa itu ngefek banget ke semua orang. Asal jangan terus-terusan nggak berhenti gitu. Nanti efeknya ke pulsa temen yang dipake nelponin rumah sakit jiwa buat ngaduin kita jadinya.

Orang-orang yang ceria, bahagia, or both of it.. Mereka itu, sadar atau enggak, punya kekuatan super buat lifting beban pikiran orang lain, buat menyemangati orang lain, bahkan bisa bikin orang lain ikutan mikir / bertindak yg positif juga.

Gua contohnya. Pernah gua lagi apa ya.. kayak stres gitu sama hidup gua. Ga inget deh masalahnya apa pokoknya tiap menit tiap jam pusing aja gitu. Dan itu semua nggak berasa lagi saat gua bisa bikin temen-temen gua ketawa terbahak-bahak.

Senyum itu kayak sinar matahari. Kelihatannya sepele. Tapi manfaatnya nggak bisa dihitung. Gitu loh.

Sedangkan kesedihan, depresi, dan semacamnya… Orang emang punya empati dan simpati, tapi nggak ada orang yang mau ikutan orang lain buat jadi nggak bahagia juga.

PS: Post gua kali ini agak sedikit singkat padat gimana gitu ya soalnya gua lagi di luar kota. Mana kepala pening banget karena ada satu anak kecil di pesawat gua tadi yang nangis setengah jam lebih di pesawat. Emang nggak ada hubungannya sih. Gua cuman mau curhat aja huhu.

Bumi. Jadi Dua.

Andai bumi terbelah dua.
Biar kita tetap saling berpeluk.
Begitu sepenggal lirik dari lagunya teh Melly. Salah satu soundtrack romansa yang cukup terkenal seantero Indonesia. Judulnya pun sama persis sama nama filmnya. ADA APA DENGAN CINTA. Kulari ke hutan kemudian menyanyiku. Kulari ke pantai kemudian teriakku. … Atau aku harus lari ke hutan lalu ke pantai. Rangga kayaknya demen amat sama hutan sama pantai. Mungkin dia belum pernah ke Puncak atau Anyer kali ya. Apalagi pas liburan sekolah. Masyaolo… Nggak usah pecahin gelas ngga, itu Puncak sama Anyer udah rame banget kayak di Pasar Senen.
Kenapa jadi bahas Rangga? Sori sori kebablasan hahaha.
Tapi serius deh. Intermezo dikit. Kenapa bahasan sekelibat yang ga penting begini selalu lebih enak diomongin yah daripada yang mau gua bahas.
Oke sebenarnya di otak gue udah ada intermezo kedua, ketiga, deeste. Tapi di skip aja daripada gua mulai lupa kalimat pertama post-an ini.
Di atas tuh. Liriknya salah satu lagu teh Melly. *lagi nahan diri buat nggak ngelantur lagi*
Nggak kenapa-napa sama liriknya. Tapi menurut lo bakal ada nggak sih yang beneran pasrah aja terus pelukan doang kalo bumi udah kebelah dua? Mau tau menurut gue? Menurut gue sih banyak. Jangan salah bro. Kekuatan cinta itu…uw… gua pribadi sih percaya banget sama yang namanya CINTA. LOVE. TE AMO. AI. SARANG. Nggak, gua bukan lagi jatuh cinta kok. Cuman tadi terlintas aja tuh lirik trus begitu gue pikirin. Buset. Hebat juga ya. Segitu kuatnya “cinta” itu sampe lagi kiamat aja bisa-bisanya nunjukin rasa sayang. Makanya gue bilang. Kekuatan cinta itu powerful abis. Nggak ada cinta yang nggak indah. Kalo lo putus mah itu udah ga ada cinta berarti makanya nggak indah. Kalo masih saling cinta itu pasti indah ga sih.
Tapi sekuat-kuatnya cinta manteman.. Kalo bumi udah kebelah dua mah kita udah melayang-layang kayaknya. Gravitasinya udah nggak tau ke mana kan ya. LOL.

My Slice of Life.

I can’t believe that i’m writting now. Only God knows i haven’t been writing for how long until the last post..and also you guys, my readers.

So here’s the thing. I bought a book.

The storyline isn’t what i had expected from the author. I, for myself only likes romantic story. Either sad or happy. Funny is better but every author has his writting style. Personally i just need the romantic part. Then everything becomes good in my eyes. Arts will never go wrong, right?

But it’s flowing slowly… The story it is. Smoothly… touched my heart that maybe no one ever done. Okay i think i’m overreacted in this part. But i do CRY.

This novel.. It makes me curious.. what does it feels as an outsider in the middle of crowd, just watching people come-and-go continuously, like the life itself is flowing and we just watch it. I think doing this kind of activity once a day like this won’t hurt us. So i tried it. Today

Then after becoming one, my observation a.k.a my heart told me this :

Just how lovely they are, teenagers walking along at the sidestreet, backpacking, laughing, enjoying the incredible youth life that never come back to us, the adults.